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analog meters, digital meters, transducers, signal conditioners, data loggers and test instrumentation
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Weschler Instruments is a manufacturer and distributor of electrical and electronic measurement equipment. Customers worldwide use our products in power plants, steel mills, chemical plants, paper mills and other industrial applications that require rugged, reliable and accurate instrumentation.
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Yokogawa Edgewise Switchboard Meters

AB-40 DC Amperes Switchboard Meters

185 Yokogawa Edgewise Panel Meters

Yokogawa Edgewise Switchboard Meters


Byram Circular Switchboard Meters

Yokogawa Edgewise Panel Meters



AC Motors Load Indicators

Yokogawa DC Current and Voltage Meters

Yokogawa AC Current and Voltage Meters

Sifam Tinsley Frequency Meters



ToughMeters Series 270


Yokogawa AC Overload Ammeters


Yokogawa ToughMeter Analog Panel Meters

Yokogawa DIN Panel Meters

Single Display AC Switchboard Meters


UM330 Yokogawa Process Controllers

Yokogawa AC Switchboard Meters

Yokogawa Dual Display Digital Meters

Yokogawa Process Controllers


Yokogawa Power and Energy Meters


Yokogawa CA450

Yokogawa Power and Energy Meters


Yokogawa TY series Digital Multimeters


Process Multimeter CA450 - Yokogawa

CL100 Series AC Current Clamp-On Testers

Yokogawa CW10


Yokogawa Clamp-On Testers

Yokogawa Clamp-On Power Monitors/Analyzers

Yokogawa Power Quality Analyzer




2406E Analog Insulation Tester

Yokogawa Digital Earth Resistance Tester

2404 Series Hand-Crank Insulation Testers - Yokogawa


Yokogawa Insulation Testers

CA11E Voltage/Current Calibrator

TM10 Thermistor Data Collecting Thermometer

51001 Digital Lightmeters

Yokogawa Voltage/Current/Process/Temperature Calibrators

Yokogawa Thermometers

Yokogawa Luxmeters & Lightmeters

2793 6-Dial Decade Resistance Box


Yokogawa Advanced Controllers

Yokogawa Test Standards

Weschler AC Elapsed Time Meters Type 240


Yokogawa Advanced Controllers


Yokogawa Paperless Portable Recorders