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Weschler Instruments is a manufacturer and distributor of electrical and electronic measurement equipment. Customers worldwide use our products in power plants, steel mills, chemical plants, paper mills and other industrial applications that require rugged, reliable and accurate instrumentation.
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Amprobe Clamp Meters

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Swivel Clamp Meters

Swivel Clamp Meters - Amprobe

  • 180° Rotating Head
  • Measure to 400A AC, 600V AC/DC
  • Resistance, Capacitance, Continuity
  • One Hand Operation
  • Auto & Manual Ranging
  • Non-Contact Voltage Detection
  • CE Approved

CAT IV Analog Clamp Meters

CAT IV Analog Clamp Meters - Amprobe

  • Measure to 1000A & 600V AC
  • Resistance & Continuity
  • Pointer Lock for Data Hold
  • Operates Down to 5° F
  • No Batteries Needed for Volts & Amps
  • CE Approved


Compact Power Quality Clamp - ACDC 45 - Amprobe

  • AC/DC Voltage up to 600V, AC Current up to 600A, Resistance, Frequency; Active (W), Reactive (VAR) and Apparent (VA) Power with dual display Power Factor readout, KWh Recording
  • Slim jaws fit in tight spaces & accommodate conductors up to 1.02” (26mm) diameter
  • Auto Selection of AC Volts, DC Volts or AC Amps •3 phase unbalanced load measurement by calculation of discrete single phase measurements
  • Overload protection for all functions to 600V AC and DC
  • Peak hold, data hold, audible continuity test
  • Optional PC interface ...


Dual Display TRMS Clamp Multimeter ACD-14-PRO - Amprobe

The ACD-14-PRO offers a complete range of measuring functions for both HVAC and electrical applications.

  • Dual display shows volts and amps concurrently
  • True-RMS AC for accurate measurements
  • Low pass filter for current & voltage measurements on variable frequency drives
  • Amp-Tip function for precise low current measurement down to 0.1 amp
  • HVAC applications with temperature, DC micro-amps & capacitance
  • Non-contact voltage detection
  • In-rush current
  • Audible continuity & diode test
  • Type K thermocouple
  • Data hold
  • Auto ranging
  • Auto power off
  • Low battery indicator