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Weschler Instruments is a manufacturer and distributor of electrical and electronic measurement equipment. Customers worldwide use our products in power plants, steel mills, chemical plants, paper mills and other industrial applications that require rugged, reliable and accurate instrumentation.
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BarGraph 2 Series Digital Bargraph Meters

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BarGraph 2 Series Digital Bargraph Meters

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High Reliability Digital Bargraph Meters

  • Designed for use in nuclear power plants and other severe environments
  • High intensity LED display with separately adjustable bar & digit brightness
  • RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet & USB communication options
  • Linearization tables for normalizing non-linear signals
  • Differential inputs and programmable signal averaging
  • Bar separately scaled & configurable for normal, expanded scale, dual slope & point representations
  • Wide power supply options with minimum 3kV isolation
  • Four high-capacity relays configurable for hystersis, failsafe & delayed operation
  • Dual analog retransmit outputs, selectable volts or mA
  • Pluggable, screw anchored terminal connections

The Weschler BarGraph 2 Series High Reliability Digital BarGraphs are intended for use in applications where accurate and reliable measurement of a process value is of paramount importance. This series is designed to meet or exceed all national nuclear standards for environmental temperature and humidity extremes, seismic shock, EMI/RFI, HMI and system software V&V.

The BG2 is built for use in nuclear power plant (NPP) control rooms and other locations where physical and electrical environmental extremes may be found. The BV2-5A, BW2-1316 and BF2-6402 are housed in steel enclosures. The BG2-252 and BH2-252 use a high-impact, UV stabilized olycarbonate housing. Due to the self-shielded internal construction, no additional case shielding is required.

The BG2 Series features a five digit numeric display, that indicates to 99999 in the positive excursion and 19999 in the negative excursion. Character colors are blue, green, amber and red.

The 101 segment bar provides 1% resolution. A unique programming capability allows for fine control of set point annunciator visibility. In addition, the bar display can be configured to indicate with a single moving point, which simulates a pointer, or in standard expanded bar mode. It can also be configured in dual-slope or bipolar modes. The bar can be populated with LED’s in a single color (red, green, amber, blue), or in several different colors to provide a fixed banded mode of high color purity and brightness.

Up to four setpoint relays are available for control or alarms. These high current outputs can be programmed for either high or low action, with adjustable hysteresis, mode and delay. Red setpoint annunciators are provided when relays are specified. The trend indication option adds two red trend arrows to the front panel.

BG2-252 & BH2-252 meters are configured through the three front panel buttons. Front panel programming on the BW2-1316, BV2-5A and BF2-6400 is done with a plug-in programming module (EPM). For enhanced security, the front panel programming buttons can be disabled by configuring a setting requiring the installation of a jumper on the rear panel. When a communication option is ordered, the BG2 meters are also configurable through the RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet or USB port. Modbus and ASCII protocols are provided. With available setup software, configuration files can be created off-line and stored for uploading at a later time.


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