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Weschler Instruments is a manufacturer and distributor of electrical and electronic measurement equipment. Customers worldwide use our products in power plants, steel mills, chemical plants, paper mills and other industrial applications that require rugged, reliable and accurate instrumentation.
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Premo BarGraph Meters

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Premo BarGraph Meters

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Style C
  • 6 digit, alpha-numeric LED display
  • 101 segment bargraph in red, green or tricolor
  • Rugged ANSI switchboard cases
  • RS-232, RS485, Modbus & Ethernet interface options
Style D,Style G
  • 6 digit, alpha-numeric LED display
  • Bright 101 segment tricolor bar
  • Enhanced table calibration for tank level, square law & other non-linear measurements
  • Optional SD memory card for long term data logging
  • 6” case fits standard ANSI panel cutout
  • 12” case fits Bailey draft gauge panel cutout
Direct Measurement of
DC Current & Voltage, AC Current & Voltage, Process Loops, Frequency / Counts, Speed Pickups / RPM, Quadrature, Power (DC & Single Phase), Thermocouples, RTDs, Load Cells / Strain Gauges, LVDTs, Pressure, Resistance / Potentiometers, pH / ORP

A deluxe bargraph indicator with enhanced control capabilities. Flexible and highly configurable for display of electrical signals and process parameters. Combines the precision of a digital readout with a vivid proportional display. Includes numerous computation functions, SCADA options and an extensive input module selection.

  • Single & multiple channel inputs
  • Adjustable bargraph span & zero position
  • Bar & digital display can be set to different channels
  • Datalogging and PID control functions
  • Cross channel math capability
  • Six smart setpoints with 8 selectable functions
  • Front panel setpoint status indicators
  • Up to 6 relay outputs for control and alarms
  • Single or dual analog retransmit option
  • Wide power supply range (AC & DC)
  • 8 level brightness control from the front panel
  • Sensor excitation to power 4-20mA transmitters, bridge type sensors or other transducers
  • Programmable input filter and display resolution
  • Digital communications and PC setup software
The Premo BarGraph line is based on a high resolution A/D converter and 32 bit CPU with floating point math capability. This high performance measurement and computation platform provides unique capabilities in a switchboard instrument. In addition to displaying and retransmitting a single channel signal, the Premo meter can display two channels, perform cross channel math, log data and control processes.

Setpoint Control
Up to six setpoints can be configured for control and alarm functions. Each relay may be programmed to activate above or below a setpoint, operate with hysteresis or delay, latch, track another setpoint, perform one shot, pulse and repeat timer functions or On/Off control. For processes with overshoot or undershoot, the PID mode on SP1 & SP2 provides stable control.

Premo BarGraph Meters will log data in either linear (writes until full) or cyclic (overwrites oldest data) FIFO modes. A reading can be triggered from the program button, a digital input, time or an alarm condition. Optional memory allows storage of up to 4000 readings in non-volatile EEPROM. The optional real time clock can be used to initiate readings and time stamp the data. A lithium battery provides clock back-up in the event of power loss. The clock will also activate a setpoint or control function at a preset time.

The bar can display 1 of 4 inputs or 1 of 2 totalizers. It can be setup for min/max mode, linear/log scaling, offset zero, center zero, suppressed zero and/or peak/valley display. The source for the six digit selected. Decimal position & display brightness are set from the front panel.

CE approved


Styles Available

12” Edgewise Vertical (BD101P)
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4.25” Switchboard (BG241P)
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6” Edgewise Vertical (BG252P)
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Bar Colors Available


Digital Display Colors Available





Isolated 16 Bit Current Output, 4-20mA
Isolated 16 Bit Voltage Output, 0-10VDC
Isolated 16 Bit Voltage Output, Dual 0-10VDC


Isolated ASCII Protocol RS-232 (includes CBL2 cable)
Isolated ASCII Protocol RS-485 (includes CBL4 cable)
Isolated Ethernet ASCII
Isolated Ethernet Modbus TCP
Isolated ModBus RTU RS-232
Isolated ModBus RTU RS-485


Four 400V, 140mA AC/DC SSR
Four 400V, 210mA DC SSR
Four 5A Form A
One 10A Form C
Six 5A Form A shared commons
Six Open Collector or 5V TTL Outputs shared commons
Two 10A Form C
Two 10A Form C & Two 5 Amp Form A shared commons


 width= Premo data sheet 2012
(PDF, 582KB)

 width= Weschler Bargraph Selector Guide
(PDF, 147KB)