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Weschler Instruments is a manufacturer and distributor of electrical and electronic measurement equipment. Customers worldwide use our products in power plants, steel mills, chemical plants, paper mills and other industrial applications that require rugged, reliable and accurate instrumentation.
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Tyco Crompton Meter Relays

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239 Series Crompton Meter Relays

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  • Monitors and Controls Any Variable Which Can be Converted
  • Into an AC or DC Signal
  • Rugged Shock and Vibration Resistant Design
  • Indicator, Relays and Power Unit in One Housing
  • Control Function Continues if the Indicator Becomes Damaged
  • Stable Electronic Switching Circuit Does Not Use Lamps, Photocells, Inductors or Capacitors
  • Taut Band, Fluid Damped Indicator
  • Isolated Input Signal
  • LED Relay State Indicators
Series 239 and 007 meter relays combine a highly accurate indicator with High and Low set point relays. The relays can operate alarm and control devices when the monitored signal value moves outside the chosen set point limits shown by adjustable red index pointers. A single compact case houses the unit which requires only the input signal and power supply thus saving space and installation time.

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Item #


Output Relays


239-302A High/Low Control 2 2
239-301A High Control Only 1 1
239-307A Low Control Only 1 1
239-300A High/Low Control 1 2
239-30TA High/Low Control, Thermocouple Applications Fitted with Cold Junction Compensation Circuitry 2 2
239-30RA for RTD Applications 2 2
239-304A High Relay Downscale Energized, Low Relay Upscale Energized 2 2
239-305A both Relays Downscale Energized 2 2
007-300A Upscale de-energized, down scale energized 1 2
007-301A Upscale energized, downscale de-energized 1 1
007-302A Mid band de-energized, outside band energized 2 2
007-303A Both upscale energized, downscale de-energized 2 2
007-304A High and low midband energized, outside band de-energized - no time delay 2 2
007-305A Both upscale de-energized, downscale energized 2 2
007-307A Upscale de-energized, downscale energized 1 1
007-30RA Midband de-energized, outside band energized - operates from 2, 3 or 4 wire RTD 2 2
007-30TA Midband de-energized, outside band energized - operates from thermocouple input 2 2
  Results 1 - 17 of 17 1