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Weschler Instruments is a manufacturer and distributor of electrical and electronic measurement equipment. Customers worldwide use our products in power plants, steel mills, chemical plants, paper mills and other industrial applications that require rugged, reliable and accurate instrumentation.
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Yokogawa Dual Display Analog-Digital Meters

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Yokogawa Dual Display Meters

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  • Taut Band Movement
  • 0.56" 31/2 Digit Display
  • High Intensity Red, Green or Blue LEDs
  • Switchboard Case with IP54 Front

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Item #

LED Color


Input Rating/Scale

123011ABAB Red DCV 0-50mV
123011AEAE Red DCV 0-100mV
123011AHAH Red DCV 0-200mV
123012ABAB Red DCV 50-0-50mV
123012AEAE Red DCV 100-0-100mV
123012AHAH Red DCV 200-0-200mV
123011MTMT Red DCV 0-10V
123011PKPK Red DCV 0-100V
123011PZPZ Red DCV 0-150V
123011RXRX Red DCV 0-300V
123011SJSJ Red DCV 0-600V
123012MTMT Red DCV 10-0-10V
123012PKPK Red DCV 100-0-100V
123012PZPZ Red DCV 150-0-150V
123012RXRX Red DCV 300-0-300V
123012SJSJ Red DCV 600-0-600V
123111EAEA Red DCA 0-200uA
123111EMEM Red DCA 0-500uA
123112EAEA Red DCA 200-0-200uA
123112EMEM Red DCA 500-0-500uA
123111FAFA Red DCA 0-1mA
123111GZGZ Red DCA 0-10mA
123111JRJR Red DCA 0-100mA
123111KMKM Red DCA 0-500mA
123111LALA Red DCA 0-1A
123112FAFA Red DCA 1-0-1mA
123112GZGZ Red DCA 10-0-10mA
123112JRJR Red DCA 100-0-100mA
123112KMKM Red DCA 500-0-500mA
123112LALA Red DCA 1-0-1A
123191FYFY Red DCA 1-5mA
123191HEHE Red DCA 4-20mA
123191HXHX Red DCA 10-50mA
123021PZPZ Red ACV 0-150V
123021RSRS Red ACV 0-250V
123021RXRX Red ACV 0-300V
123021SJSJ Red ACV 0-600V
123021PZRS Red ACV Transformer Rated (150V) 0-150V/0-250V
123021PZRX Red ACV Transformer Rated (150V) 0-150V/0-300V
123021PZSF Red ACV Transformer Rated (150V) 0-150V/0-500V
123021PZSJ Red ACV Transformer Rated (150V) 0-150V/0-600V
123021PZSM Red ACV Transformer Rated (150V) 0-150V/0-750V
123021PZTC Red ACV Transformer Rated (150V) 0-150V/0-1500V
123021PZVJ Red ACV Transformer Rated (150V) 0-150V/0-3.00kV
123021PZVT Red ACV Transformer Rated (150V) 0-150V/0-5.00kV
123021PZVV Red ACV Transformer Rated (150V) 0-150V/0-5.25kV
123021PZVX Red ACV Transformer Rated (150V) 0-150V/0-6.00kV
123021PZWJ Red ACV Transformer Rated (150V) 0-150V/0-9.00kV
123021PZWZ Red ACV Transformer Rated (150V) 0-150V/0-15.00kV
123021PZXE Red ACV Transformer Rated (150V) 0-150V/0-18.00kV
123021PZXU Red ACV Transformer Rated (150V) 0-150V/0-45.0kV
123021PZYR Red ACV Transformer Rated (150V) 0-150V/0-150.0kV
123021PZYU Red ACV Transformer Rated (150V) 0-150V/0-200kV
123021RSSJ Red ACV Transformer Rated (150V) 0-250V/0-600V
123131LALA Red ACA 0-1A
123131LSLS Red ACA 0-5A
123131LSMT Red ACA Transformer Rated (5A) 0-5A/0-10.00A
123131LSND Red ACA Transformer Rated (5A) 0-5A/0-15.00A
123131LSNG Red ACA Transformer Rated (5A) 0-5A/0-20.0A
123131LSNJ Red ACA Transformer Rated (5A) 0-5A/0-25.0A
123131LSNL Red ACA Transformer Rated (5A) 0-5A/0-30.0A
123131LSNP Red ACA Transformer Rated (5A) 0-5A/0-40.0A
123131LSNT Red ACA Transformer Rated (5A) 0-5A/0-50.0A
123131LSPB Red ACA Transformer Rated (5A) 0-5A/0-75.0A
123131LSPK Red ACA Transformer Rated (5A) 0-5A/0-100.0A
123131LSPZ Red ACA Transformer Rated (5A) 0-5A/0-150.0A
123131LSRL Red ACA Transformer Rated (5A) 0-5A/0-200A
123131LSRS Red ACA Transformer Rated (5A) 0-5A/0-250A
123131LSRX Red ACA Transformer Rated (5A) 0-5A/0-300A
123131LSSC Red ACA Transformer Rated (5A) 0-5A/0-400A
123131LSSF Red ACA Transformer Rated (5A) 0-5A/0-500A
123131LSSJ Red ACA Transformer Rated (5A) 0-5A/0-600A
123131LSSN Red ACA Transformer Rated (5A) 0-5A/0-800A
123131LSSS Red ACA Transformer Rated (5A) 0-5A/0-1000A
123131LSSV Red ACA Transformer Rated (5A) 0-5A/0-1200A
123131LSTC Red ACA Transformer Rated (5A) 0-5A/0-1500A
124011ABAB Green DCV 0-50mV
124011AEAE Green DCV 0-100mV
124011AHAH Green DCV 0-200mV
124012 ABAB Green DCV 50-0-50mV
124012AEAE Green DCV 100-0-100mV
124012AHAH Green DCV 200-0-200mV
124011MTMT Green DCV 0-10V
124011PKPK Green DCV 0-100V
124011PZPZ Green DCV 0-150V
124011RXRX Green DCV 0-300V
124011SJSJ Green DCV 0-600V
124012MTMT Green DCV 10-0-10V
124012PKPK Green DCV 100-0-100V
124012PZPZ Green DCV 150-0-150V
124012RXRX Green DCV 300-0-300V
124012SJSJ Green DCV 600-0-600V
124111EAEA Green DCA 0-200uA
124111EMEM Green DCA 0-500uA
124112EAEA Green DCA 200-0-200uA
124112EMEM Green DCA 500-0-500uA
124111FAFA Green DCA 0-1mA
124111GZGZ Green DCA 0-10mA
124111JRJR Green DCA 0-100mA
124111KMKM Green DCA 0-500mA
  Results 1 - 100 of 152 1 2