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 All Categories    AC Ammeters Switchboard (Analog/Digital) - Crompton
Weschler Instruments is a manufacturer and distributor of electrical and electronic measurement equipment. Customers worldwide use our products in power plants, steel mills, chemical plants, paper mills and other industrial applications that require rugged, reliable and accurate instrumentation.
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AC Ammeters Switchboard (Analog/Digital) - Crompton

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Crompton Ana-Digi Meters

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  • Rugged taut bank construction
  • 3 1/2" digit LED display
  • Wide selection of inputs
  • Standard ANSI 4 1/2" switchboard mounting
Digital accuracy ±0.1% ±1 counts, analog accuracy ±1%.
Custom scales & custom ranges on request.

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Power Supply

077-DIBA-LALA-C6-MU 1A 0-1A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LCLC-C6-MU 1.5A 0-1.5A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LELE-C6-MU 2A 0-2A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LJLJ-C6-MU 3A 0-3A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSLS-C6-MU 5A 0-5A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-MJMJ-C6-MU 8A 0-8A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-MTMT-C6-MU 10A 0-10A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LALA-C6-BD 1A 0-1A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LCLC-C6-BD 1.5A 0-1.5A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LELE-C6-BD 2A 0-2A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LJLJ-C6-BD 3A 0-3A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSLS-C6-BD 5A 0-5A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-MJMJ-C6-BD 8A 0-8A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-MTMT-C6-BD 10A 0-10A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LALA-C6-NR 1A 0-1A 48 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LCLC-C6-NR 1.5A 0-1.5A 48 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LELE-C6-NR 2A 0-2A 48 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LJLJ-C6-NR 3A 0-3A 48 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSLS-C6-NR 5A 0-5A 48 Volts DC
007-DIBA-MJMJ-C6-NR 8A 0-8A 48 Volts DC
007-DIBA-MTMT-C6-NR 10A 0-10A 48 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LALA-C6-PR 1A 0-1A 120 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LCLC-C6-PR 1.5A 0-1.5A 120 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LELE-C6-PR 2A 0-2A 120 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LJLJ-C6-PR 3A 0-3A 120 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSLS-C6-PR 5A 0-5A 120 Volts DC
007-DIBA-MJMJ-C6-PR 8A 0-8A 120 Volts DC
007-DIBA-MTMT-C6-PR 10A 0-10A 120 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LALA-C6-PS 1A 0-1A 125 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LCLC-C6-PS 1.5A 0-1.5A 125 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LELE-C6-PS 2A 0-2A 125 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LJLJ-C6-PS 3A 0-3A 125 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSLS-C6-PS 5A 0-5A 125 Volts DC
007-DIBA-MJMJ-C6-PS 8A 0-8A 125 Volts DC
007-DIBA-MTMT-C6-PS 10A 0-10A 125 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LALA-C6-PQ 1A 0-1A 120 Volts AC
007-DIBA-LCLC-C6-PQ 1.5A 0-1.5A 120 Volts AC
007-DIBA-LELE-C6-PQ 2A 0-2A 120 Volts AC
007-DIBA-LJLJ-C6-PQ 3A 0-3A 120 Volts AC
007-DIBA-LSLS-C6-PQ 5A 0-5A 120 Volts AC
007-DIBA-MJMJ-C6-PQ 8A 0-8A 120 Volts AC
007-DIBA-MTMT-C6-PQ 10A 0-10A 120 Volts AC
007-DIBA-LALA-C6-A2 1A 0-1A 12-48 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LCLC-C6-A2 1.5A 0-1.5A 12-48 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LELE-C6-A2 2A 0-2A 12-48 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LJLJ-C6-A2 3A 0-3A 12-48 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSLS-C6-A2 5A 0-5A 12-48 Volts DC
007-DIBA-MJMJ-C6-A2 8A 0-8A 12-48 Volts DC
007-DIBA-MTMT-C6-A2 10A 0-10A 12-48 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LALA-C6-A5 1A 0-1A 120-250 Volts AC/DC
007-DIBA-LCLC-C6-A5 1.5A 0-1.5A 120-250 Volts AC/DC
007-DIBA-LELE-C6-A5 2A 0-2A 120-250 Volts AC/DC
007-DIBA-LJLJ-C6-A5 3A 0-3A 120-250 Volts AC/DC
007-DIBA-LSLS-C6-A5 5A 0-5A 120-250 Volts AC/DC
007-DIBA-MJMJ-C6-A5 8A 0-8A 120-250 Volts AC/DC
007-DIBA-MTMT-C6-A5 10A 0-10A 120-250 Volts AC/DC
007-DIBA-LSND-C6-MU 5A 0-15A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSNG-C6-MU 5A 0-20A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSNJ-C6-MU 5A 0-25A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSNL-C6-MU 5A 0-30A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSNT-C6-MU 5A 0-50A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSPB-C6-MU 5A 0-75A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSPK-C6-MU 5A 0-100A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSPZ-C6-MU 5A 0-150A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSRL-C6-MU 5A 0-200A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSRS-C6-MU 5A 0-250A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSRX-C6-MU 5A 0-300A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSSF-C6-MU 5A 0-500A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSSJ-C6-MU 5A 0-600A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSSM-C6-MU 5A 0-750A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSSS-C6-MU 5A 0-1000A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSSU-C6-MU 5A 0-1200A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSTC-C6-MU 5A 0-1500A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSTE-C6-MU 5A 0-1600A 12 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSND-C6-BD 5A 0-15A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSNG-C6-BD 5A 0-20A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSNJ-C6-BD 5A 0-25A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSNL-C6-BD 5A 0-30A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSNT-C6-BD 5A 0-50A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSPB-C6-BD 5A 0-75A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSPK-C6-BD 5A 0-100A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSPZ-C6-BD 5A 0-150A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSRL-C6-BD 5A 0-200A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSRS-C6-BD 5A 0-250A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSRX-C6-BD 5A 0-300A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSSF-C6-BD 5A 0-500A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSSJ-C6-BD 5A 0-600A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSSM-C6-BD 5A 0-750A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSSS-C6-BD 5A 0-1000A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSSU-C6-BD 5A 0-1200A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSTC-C6-BD 5A 0-1500A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSTE-C6-BD 5A 0-1600A 24 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSND-C6-NR 5A 0-15A 48 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSNG-C6-NR 5A 0-20A 48 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSNJ-C6-NR 5A 0-25A 48 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSNL-C6-NR 5A 0-30A 48 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSNT-C6-NR 5A 0-50A 48 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSPB-C6-NR 5A 0-75A 48 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSPK-C6-NR 5A 0-100A 48 Volts DC
007-DIBA-LSPZ-C6-NR 5A 0-150A 48 Volts DC
  Results 1 - 100 of 200 1 2