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 All Categories    Yokogawa DURA Elapsed Time Meter
Weschler Instruments is a manufacturer and distributor of electrical and electronic measurement equipment. Customers worldwide use our products in power plants, steel mills, chemical plants, paper mills and other industrial applications that require rugged, reliable and accurate instrumentation.
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Yokogawa DURA Elapsed Time Meter

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Yokogawa Dura ETM

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     The Yokogawa DURA™ elapsed time meter combines a time meter assembly with a die cast aluminum NEMA 4X housing. The DURA Meter series is designed for severe environmental conditions and meets American National Standards Institute Specification C39.1. It's water- and dust-resistant and UL-rated.
     Suited for use in severe environmental conditions across multiple industries — oil and gas, chemical, power utilities, water treatment, and food processing .
     Standard options include horizontal vs. vertical mounting, hours vs. minutes, reset vs. non-reset, and voltage and frequency rating. Additional options include electrical connection, customer configuration, stainless steel tag, and epoxy resin or polyurethane-epoxy combination paint.   
  • Die cast aluminum NEMA 4X housing
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting on 2" pipe
  • Hours and minutes options
  • Reset and Non-reset available
  • 120 V, 208 V, 240 V and 480 V models
  • 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • Meets ANSI Specification C39.1
  • Water and Dust Resistant
  • UL rated  


List below shows the most popular configuration

Options Available:  
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 /1  1/2" NPT female, two electrical connections & 304SST blind plugs
 /2  M20 female, two electrical connections without blind plugs
 /SST  stainless steel tag screwed to housing
 /SSW  stainless steel tage wired to housing
 /X1  epoxy resin paint
 /X2  polyurethane-epoxy anti-corrosion coating

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241251AA-AF1 Hours 120V 60Hz Horizontal no
241252AA-AF1 Hours 120V 60Hz Horizontal yes
241253AA-AF1 Minutes 120V 60Hz Horizontal no
241254AA-AF1 Minutes 120V 60Hz Horizontal yes
241251AB-AF1 Hours 240V 60Hz Horizontal no
241252AB-AF1 Hours 240V 60Hz Horizontal yes
241253AB-AF1 Minutes 240V 60Hz Horizontal no
241254AB-AF1 Minutes 240V 60Hz Horizontal yes
241251AC-AF1 Hours 480V 60Hz Horizontal no
241252AC-AF1 Hours 480V 60Hz Horizontal yes
241253AC-AF1 Minutes 480V 60Hz Horizontal no
241254AC-AF1 Minutes 480V 60Hz Horizontal yes
241251AD-AF1 Hours 120V 50Hz Horizontal no
241252AD-AF1 Hours 120V 50Hz Horizontal yes
241253AD-AF1 Minutes 120V 50Hz Horizontal no
241254AD-AF1 Minutes 120V 50Hz Horizontal yes
241251AE-AF1 Hours 240V 50Hz Horizontal no
241252AE-AF1 Hours 240V 50Hz Horizontal yes
241253AE-AF1 Minutes 240V 50Hz Horizontal no
241254AE-AF1 Minutes 240V 50Hz Horizontal yes
241251AF-AF1 Hours 480V 50Hz Horizontal no
241252AF-AF1 Hours 480V 50Hz Horizontal yes
241253AF-AF1 Minutes 480V 50Hz Horizontal no
241254AF-AF1 Minutes 480V 50Hz Horizontal yes
241251AG-AF1 Hours 208V 60Hz Horizontal no
241252AG-AF1 Hours 208V 60Hz Horizontal yes
241253AG-AF1 Minutes 208V 60Hz Horizontal no
241254AG-AF1 Minutes 208V 60Hz Horizontal yes
241251AH-AF1 Hours 208V 50Hz Horizontal no
241252AH-AF1 Hours 208V 50Hz Horizontal yes
241253AH-AF1 Minutes 208V 50Hz Horizontal no
241254AH-AF1 Minutes 208V 50Hz Horizontal yes
242251AA-AF1 Hours 120V 60Hz Vertical no
242252AA-AF1 Hours 120V 60Hz Vertical yes
242253AA-AF1 Minutes 120V 60Hz Vertical no
242254AA-AF1 Minutes 120V 60Hz Vertical yes
242251AB-AF1 Hours 240V 60Hz Vertical no
242252AB-AF1 Hours 240V 60Hz Vertical yes
242253AB-AF1 Minutes 240V 60Hz Vertical no
242254AB-AF1 Minutes 240V 60Hz Vertical yes
242251AC-AF1 Hours 480V 60Hz Vertical no
242252AC-AF1 Hours 480V 60Hz Vertical yes
242253AC-AF1 Minutes 480V 60Hz Vertical no
242254AC-AF1 Minutes 480V 60Hz Vertical yes
242251AD-AF1 Hours 120V 50Hz Vertical no
242252AD-AF1 Hours 120V 50Hz Vertical yes
242253AD-AF1 Minutes 120V 50Hz Vertical no
242254AD-AF1 Minutes 120V 50Hz Vertical yes
242251AE-AF1 Hours 240V 50Hz Vertical no
242252AE-AF1 Hours 240V 50Hz Vertical yes
242253AE-AF1 Minutes 240V 50Hz Vertical no
242254AE-AF1 Minutes 240V 50Hz Vertical yes
242251AF-AF1 Hours 480V 50Hz Vertical no
242252AF-AF1 Hours 480V 50Hz Vertical yes
242253AF-AF1 Minutes 480V 50Hz Vertical no
242254AF-AF1 Minutes 480V 50Hz Vertical yes
242251AG-AF1 Hours 208V 60Hz Vertical no
242252AG-AF1 Hours 208V 60Hz Vertical yes
242253AG-AF1 Minutes 208V 60Hz Vertical no
242254AG-AF1 Minutes 208V 60Hz Vertical yes
242251AH-AF1 Hours 208V 50Hz Vertical no
242252AH-AF1 Hours 208V 50Hz Vertical yes
242253AH-AF1 Minutes 208V 50Hz Vertical no
242254AH-AF1 Minutes 208V 50Hz Vertical yes
  Results 1 - 64 of 64 1